Saro Lepejian Actor Headshot Reel Demo Reel Showreel Sydney

Welcome to actor Saro Lepejian's website.

Below you will find his showreel. Saro is a 20 year old Middle Eastern, Armenian, Australian actor based in Sydney, New South Wales.

Saro is currently completing Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen) at Actors Centre Australia. Saro has found his passion in both film and theatre; his versatility as an actor has allowed him to have lead roles in over half a dozen short films and transforming into very distinct characters on the stage.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Saro. He was a complete professional on set; always on time, with a kind and gentle attitude that was loved by the cast and crew, and an incredible work ethic that went past his role as an actor. He is a raw natural talent; for a role that has minimal lines, Saro gave a real and authentic performance and could express as much emotion with his eyes and gestures as he could with his words. It was an honour to work with him and I would highly recommend him for any role.

William Hadinata, Glass

Saro has a natural talent for acting that is immediately evident on set and rehearsals. His naturalism and grounded performing style bring an authenticity to his roles that make them feel real. Furthermore, Saro is a professional, and a hard worker, committed to the projects he takes on. For these reasons, I’d recommend Saro highly.

Tom Gojak, Lost Boys 2022

Easy to work with, great energy and presence and very professional approach.

Kyle Ford, Young Guerrilla